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Demonstration of the Sueco production site

The demonstration of the production site was organized with great care and importance. This event represented a significant step in the development of cooperation between the State Municipal Enterprise Almaty Su, the Department of Energy and Utilities, Sewage Treatment Plants of Almaty and Kazakh Santehproekt LLP. During the demonstration, participants could get to know more about the technological processes, equipment and innovations used at the site. Important issues of cooperation, plans for joint projects and the exchange of experience were discussed at a high level of professional expertise. This demonstration contributed to the strengthening of partnerships and the promising development of projects in the field of public utilities and infrastructure of the city of Almaty.

At the event, participants also had the opportunity to interact with experts and engineers, receiving detailed advice on technical issues and engineering solutions. This facilitated the exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as the creation of strong links between various organizations. With such events, more effective cooperation becomes possible, the introduction of advanced technologies and the development of innovative solutions that contribute to improving public infrastructure and ensuring clean water and sanitation in the city of Almaty.